Coatings Available

Norman’s Tuff-Coat™ services consist of six distinct materials and processes. Each are uniquely suited to the lamp type on which they are applied. The six options available are shatterproof silicone - P.E.T. fluorescent coating - F.E.P. T5 fluorescent coating - P.E.T. color tubes - T8, T12, F.E.P. Coating - and P.F.A. high temperature coating.


Silicone Coating
P.E.T. Tubes
P.F.A. Coating

F.E.P. T5 Coating

P.E.T. Color Tubes

T8, T12, F.E.P.

Tuff-Coat™ is a registered trademark of Norman Lamps, Inc. It is Norman’s exclusive trade name applied to proprietary materials, production, equipment, and processes of shatter containment for lamps and various other products. We are experts in the application and testing of all five coating materials.